Transference is an experimental stereoscopic 3D narrative work exploring the themes of loss, memory and personal reconciliation. The main subject of the film is a young woman depicted in the west coast Canadian landscape dragging a heavy curtain around with her. As the scenes unfold the viewer floats in and out of two spaces: the natural landscape and the urban landscape. The film overtly mimics commercial production to subvert the viewer by never revealing the gaze of the protagonist. The two types of landscapes represent past and present eras for the protagonist. Interstitial scenes of water reflect the protagonist’s frame of mind. The title has a dual intention relating to the emotional transference the medium of 3D can have on a viewer.


Sean Arden is Vancouver, Canada based artist /film maker holding a Master of Applied Arts in Media from Emily Carr University. He has over 12 years experience implementing experimental technologies for the arts. Animation, video installation and photography have historically been Sean’s focus. More recently his research into stereoscopic 3D communication techniques, positions Sean's practice with stereoscopic video, photography and their tools into a discourse around media arts. By exploring the subtleties of the effects of 3D, a new form of more physical communication emerges in relation to the viewer, especially in an installation context. Arden’s work has been exhibited internationally and locally at the Western Front, New Forms Festival, Charles H Scott Gallery and Your Kontinent Media Arts Festival. Sean runs the research lab at Intersections Digital Studios located within Emily Carr University of Art and Design. As a studio technician Sean has provided support for several notable contemporary artists including Stan Douglas, Rimini Protokol and Atelier VanLieshout.

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